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Environment Campaigns

(1- 15JUNE,2021)


People and the planet are only as healthy as the ecosystems we all depend on. Bringing degraded ecosystems back to life – for example by planting trees, cleaning up riverbanks, or simply giving nature space to recover – increases their benefits to society and biodiversity. The United Nations has declared the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Starting on World Environment Day 2021, individuals, groups, governments, businesses, and organizations of all kinds can join forces in a global movement to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation and secure a sustainable future for all.


#GenerationRestoration was the hashtag chosen signifying the importance of various ecosystems, the reality, and what can be done to save these ecosystems. The LS Members highlighted many facts and statistics around the theme and encouraged everyone to be sensitive towards the environment through their creative videos and discussions.

Youth Talks

Topic: Youth in Action, Youth for Climate Action

A Youth Talk was held on World Environment Day (5 June 2021). The discussion highlighted the value of ecosystems and the threat they face and how youth are taking action in their communities regarding this. The guest speaker was Garima Lunia, a Global Youth Leader, Karamveer Chakra Awardee, climate reality leader, and founder of The Loyal Care. The youth representatives were Anwesha Bohra, Harina Oberoi, climate change leaders from New Delhi, Mohammad Siraj, founder of Pahchan Foundation (NGO) based in Kolkata, West Bengal India, and Ibothoi Konthoujam, Global Shaper at World Economic Forum.


  • To discuss the value of ecosystems and the threat they face.

  •  How is the Youth taking Actions in their Communities regarding this?


To read the panel discussion, click here


Youth in Action, Youth for Climate Action

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Limitless Stree is organising Youth Talks as a part of its Maitri series. We are happy to invite you to the talk and take part in the insightful conversation! Highlighting the actions of Youth towards environment!

World Environment Day ended with the hope of creating healthy ecosystems and restoring them. More and more people are realizing that we must change our ways and move urgently to protect and rebuild nature for the sake of future generations and out of love for the world we live in. Unless we change our ways and protect and restore our ecosystems, we will not only destroy the landscapes we love, we will undermine the foundations of our own well-being and bequeath a degraded, inhospitable planet to future generations.

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