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Limitless Stree is a women empowerment program, focused on building capacities, spreading awareness and creating a cohort of gender advocates for the 21st century.


Limitless Stree is building a safe space and support group online where youth can support each other and work to achieve SDG 5- Gender Equality and empower all women and girls in India and the world.


Build Positive Community and Safe Spaces Online
Build Positive Community and Safe Spaces Online
Develop Leaders who lead through Social Change
Develop Leaders who lead through Social Change
Empower Women through Technology and Learn, Act and Engage Model .
Empower Women through Technology and Learn, Act and Engage Model .
Limitless Stree Women Empowerment Program

We are accepting applications for Limitless Stree

Women Empowerment Programme


Why should you become a part of us?

Because you are going to make the “awesome” happen and discover your limitless potential to empower women. You will be a part of:

women empowerment program

Create Teams, Run campaigns

women empowerment program

Ofcourse, an experience certificate

Limitless Stree Women Empowerment Program

Exciting workshops

Limitless Stree Women Empowerment Program

Become advocates of SDGs and Generation Equality!

Limitless Stree Women Empowerment Program

Be a part of our awesome network

Limitless Stree Women Empowerment Program

Develop an understanding of global challenges

At the end of the program, you will carry a bag full of experiences, access to resources, learnings, and our mentors and peers to guide you.

Other initiatives under Limitless Stree

Limitless Stree Matrix

Matrix Session is taken by Experts and the LS team exclusively for Limitless Stree  Members. To become LS Member,

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Limitless Stree Maitri

We are conducting free sessions to reach out to all our friends and establish new bonds worldwide.

Be a part of Maitri Network

Limitless Stree Women Initiatives

If you are a woman and running an initiative/organisation and want to share your story through our network.

Inspire others with your story!

Share Your Journey



Awesome People Behind Limitless Stree Initiative


Limitless Stree Partnerships


We partnered with organisations like and Industry experts from UN Agencies and other International Humanitarian Agencies, Wemen View , Success Anchors, The Revive Counseling, The Purple Nest, Sirona Hygiene,  Cyber Security Experts, Lawyers and Youth Development Professionals to Conduct training sessions for our Members.

Limitless Stree outreach


In 2021, till now generated 120K+ impressions on our Website. 
Twitter Average Monthly impressions: 25K with 1000+ Profile Visits
Instagram Monthly Average impressions: 15K impressions with 8K Account Reached and 600+ Profile Visits.

Limitless Stree Capacity Building

Capacity Building

We organised training and Activities in Leadership, Advocacy, Communication for Development, Gender Terminologies and Gender-Based Violence, Menstrual Hygiene, 21st Century Skills, Sustainable Development Goals, Cyber Wellness and Safety and Digital Skills.

Limitless Stree Stories of Women

Featuring Inspiring Stories of Women

Featured small businesses and initiatives run by Women and helped them garner an audience for their products. #VocalForLocal

Through our This Day That Year series, we have brought to light the significant contribution made by Women since Years in shaping the World. 100+ stories till now Since January 2021.

Limitless Stree Youth for Youth

Youth for Youth

Our program is driven by youth and young professionals from different industries with a common goal to make this World Gender Equal. 

Currently, we have a strong network of 30 people across India and neighbouring Countries driving this initiative. We have engaged more than 1000+ Youth and Women of all ages through our actions.

Limitless Stree Digital Tools

Digital Tools

We are a Tech-Savvy Team. The program is being designed and run Virtually utilising tools available through Google Suite, Microsoft, Netsuite, Canva, Adobe, Grammarly, WordPress, Audio/Video Editing Tools and Webinar Platforms and more. We are Social Media Platforms to their potential and believe in growing organically.

Learning Never Stops Learn from our blogs and podcast series

If you feel connected with our cause and believe that Women Empowerment is the need of the hour, support us in strengthening our system so that we can call and partner with more experts, strengthen our digital systems and increase our outreach in the field and Rural areas. Support us by donating to our initiative. We are doing a Fundraiser with Give India

More Details at : Limitless Stree Fundraiser 

Connect with Us

You can reach out to us through for any queries or collaborations!