Limitless Stree in collaboration with Save The Children India participated in various campaigns for work for girls and women safety.

Ally Up For Her

Every five minutes, a woman or a girl in India faces some form of violence and assault. For a long time, the struggle to stand up for a basic right like “being safe” has been a single-handed battle fought only by women and girls themselves. The 2-month long campaign aimed to contribute significantly to ending violence against women and girls and ensuring her safety becomes everyone’s concern. For too long, her safety has been her concern alone. 



The Pause Challenge

We participated in the PAUSE AND THINK CHALLENGE, to take a minute to pause and think about the 320 million children whose education is on PAUSE.


When Education aids you take the leap

Despite all adversities, some women have fought their way to make their dreams come true, thereby standing up for gender equality. The courage that let them raise their voice for what is right, their righteousness for denying inequality, and their determination to pursue their dreams are what made them exceptionally inspirational. Here are their stories, telling us why educating the girl child is important.

Pandemic and Girl Child Education

The shutdown of schools worldwide has impacted 290.5 million children and youth who would normally attend pre-primary to upper-secondary classes. Further, the localised school closures to prevent or contain COVID-19 is increasing this number. According to UNESCO, out of the total population of students enrolled in education globally, approximately 89% of them are currently out of their schools because of lockdowns.

A short tale of a young mind with her spectacles

Education for a girl child, child marriage, and violence against children were some headlines she grew up seeing on TV. Mummy, why do girls have to go through this? Her mother did not answer, but she knew that this is a sad truth. But, education is important for all children? Why this injustice? This is what some children across the world go through. The right to education is not accessible to everyone, especially the girl child.

Participation in Challenges By Limitless Stree Members