Limitless Stree Women Empowerment Program

Limitless Stree

A Women Empowerment Programme


Limitless Stree is a women empowerment program. Focused on building capacities, spreading awareness and creating a cohort of empowered women for the 21st century.


We aim for building a safe space and support groups online, where women can support each other in improving and sharing their skills, knowledge and businesses with help of their fellows.

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Application Process

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If shorlisted, you will be called for an Interview

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How our idea is unique?

Every snowflake is unique and so are we.

We believe in utilizing our 

Learn | Act | Engage model.


Learn the essentials for holistic growth in life


Take the right actions for impact


Create a ripple with what you do

Why should you become a part of us?

Because you are going to make the “awesome” happen and discover your limitless potential to empower women. You will be a part of:

women empowerment program

Create Teams, Run campaigns

women empowerment program

Ofcourse, an experience certificate

women empowerment program

Exciting workshops

women empowerment program

Become an advocate for SDGs

women empowerment program

Be a part of our awesome network

women empowerment program

Develop an understanding of global challenges

At the end of the program, you will carry a bag full of experiences, access to resources, learnings, and our mentors and peers to guide you.
Limitless Stree - women empowerment program.

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