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Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Month
(25- APRIL, 2021 - 31 MAY, 2021)

The month-long menstrual hygiene campaign focused on destigmatizing menstruation, ending the shame and suffering that women face, and not sacrificing a girl’s education and career choices, and generating awareness about menstrual hygiene. The campaign focused on three main themes: myths around menstruation, facts, and statistics on the position of menstruators, and sustainable menstruation.

#GreenTheRed was the hashtag chosen symbolizing the destigmatization of menstruation and moving towards sustainability. The one-month campaign included a lot of activities, awareness, and events. The LS members enthusiastically participated in the campaign creating beautiful digital, handmade posters, blogs, podcasts, and videos. 

The Red Dot Challenge

The Red Dot challenge was one of the major highlights of the campaign where everyone showed their support towards the campaign. The red dot challenge included a selfie of oneself with a red dot on one’s palm stating the importance of healthy menstruation and why it should not be a taboo.

Break The Hush With The Period Song

We are proud to present the Limitless Strees, who are here to tell you that periods are normal and raise their voices louder to support the women tribe.

Lead By Mitali Rakhecha, Dipanshu Thaware, Prashansa Joshi, Srinidhi Sriram, Vaishali Tiwari, Deepti Pandey

Blog Posts

The campaign was highly engaging and informative. It is hoped that we generated the right awareness and helped in making society more sensitive towards menstruation.

To join Limitless Stree program and be a part of campaigns for issues that matter to you, register here.

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