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Volunteer For Action

Be Part of an Awesome Team

Volunteer For Action (V4A) is an online engagement program designed for adolescents, and youth to actively learn, participate, and collaborate. The program focuses on self-development, civic engagement, and fostering collectivism. Its overarching goal is to catalyze a volunteer-led revolution, empowering individuals to realize their potential as global citizens and contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through inclusive and collaborative efforts.

Members of the program will gain access to a variety of resources and opportunities over the course of one year, including capacity-building training, hands-on volunteering experiences through events, campaigns, challenges, and social projects. Additionally, they will benefit from quality networking opportunities, connecting with mentors, peers, and valuable resources to support their journey towards personal and collective growth.

Join as an Intern or Fellow

Anyone can apply in Volunteer For Action Program as an Intern (Short term engagement) or a Fellow (long term engagement).

The program is currently not active.



Short Term engagement 

  • Be part of short term social media and offline campaign assignments

  • Learn lifelong skills to be global citizens

  • Take actions in your society this summer

  • Receive Internship certificate



Long term engagement for 1 year starting from June

  • Be a leader fellow with us and develop small projects in your society

  • take actions and become a leader

  • Get mentorship and learning tools to find new solutions

  • Receive Fellowship certificate at the end of one year and opportunity to grab many certificates in campaigns



      The Candidate must have these below:


  • Applicants are required to possess proficient skills in speaking, writing, and understanding the English language.

  • Candidates must be available to participate in the full program duration, online.

  • Individuals who are passionate about self-leadership, personal development, making a social impact, and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are encouraged to apply.

  • A registration fee of Rs. 2500/- is applicable for membership.


Benefits of Being part of the Program

Get Certificates by participating
Be part of an Awesome Network
Learn Worlds Largest Lesson
Become a Global Citizen
Develop yourself as a Leader
Create Teams and run campaigns
Take Actions in your Community
Improve your career skills

Our Model


Recruitment and Selection

  • Fill the form, tell us why you want to be part of the fellowship?

  • We will get back to you with your confirmation as a fellow.


Join Our Awesome Community

  • After your Selection, we will add you in our awesome community

  • Where you will meet other youth leaders, experts and professional to learn more


Learn | Act | Engage

  • From the very start of the fellowship, our priority will be guiding you in your learning journey and empowering you to take meaningful action in your community.

  • We are committed to fostering your holistic development and honing your leadership abilities.

Join the program, Apply Here

Read the FAQs and Terms of Conditions

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