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A short tale of a young mind with her spectacles

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Born in the Delhi winters, the cry baby was sent on earth. 

She tried to make sense of all the things around her, so big trees, why can’t I enter into the TV? Why do I feel hungry all the time? And why do I need to go to school! 

The whiny little girl was made to understand the world. Its processes, its realities, and why things have to be done in a certain way. She focused on school thinking it is important as education is important. Why daily uniform, discipline, and a pile of books in front of her. Is education hidden there? Where is it exactly?

She made sense of her books, A, B, C to क, ख, ग, all alphabets were taught. Making colorful projects and asking parents for a chart paper at 10 pm from the stationary was also a part of it.  But, then came the new thing in town- Exams!

She told her mother, as I go up, grade by grade, my answers are becoming longer and sheets are filling up quickly, why do I have to remember them, when I can read it whenever I want to? Her mother replied this is done for an A+ on top of the sheet.

Ooohhh! Yes, she saw that A+ on a friend’s sheet and also saw her getting a star sticker from her teacher. Fancy stuff!

As she moved further, getting near to the A’s she also got one more thing, big spectacles! 

Exams getting lengthier and her dreams getting bigger. She tried making her own perception of the world thinking this is what success looks like.

Education for a girl child, child marriage, and violence against children were some headlines she grew up seeing on TV. Mummy, why do girls have to go through this? Her mother did not answer, but she knew that this is a sad truth. 

But, education is important for all children? Why this injustice? 

This is what some children across the world go through. The right to education is not accessible to everyone, especially the girl child. 

She was determined to make a change. She started to know her rights and made people aware of them too. She educated herself as she knew this is her weapon to end all discrimination against girls. She now realized the power of education. It is not the A’s on the sheet, it is within us, it pushes us to speak the truth, it makes us aware and it makes us powerful. 

I do hope that we as a society seek equality on all grounds. We must look for a world that not only gives girls the equality they deserve but also appreciate and support their choices and dreams. A world where she is unafraid to be opinionated and not tolerate abuse of all forms. A world where she doesn’t think twice to do what she wants, a world where there are more women leaders inspiring young girls to work for their dreams, and finally a world where we are heading to, hopefully.

About The Author

A creative powerhouse, full of new ideas and imagination.”

Pursuing Bachelors in Psychology(Hons.), Himani has great creative writing and speaking skills to express things beautifully and create an impact!

Himani Mehra Limitless Stree Programme Coordinator

Reaching Sky Foundation

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