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Stories that Inspire- 3

Happy Momentzz

HappyMomentzz came together as an opportunity to fulfill Sharada’s creative instinct for someone who enjoys making handmade things.

She always wanted to be an Entrepreneur, professionally she is a Finance MBA and chose to be a Craftpreneur for the Love of stationary. She has always been fascinated by creativity, attracted to try new things and learn everything from scratch. The power to create something makes her feel accomplished. When Sharada was pregnant with her son in 2009, there were so many happy moments during her pregnancy and she wanted to treasure them all. So she started with scrapbooking to organize photos over a period of time and turned into a passion and the niche she was looking for. In 2011 Happy Momentzz started with a Facebook page ­ and was showcased at different events and flea markets and then there was no turning back! Happymomentzz today is a brand on its own and is celebrating 10 years now. This journey surely has taught Sharada to believe in her dreams. 

Sharada works from her home studio and can balance work as well as be around her son. Some days, the kid needs her more, and other days, HappyMomentzz. Time Management helps her to plan her day for work & family. At times it becomes difficult, but Sharada feels she never had more fun in her entire life. However, Art and Crafts are still not considered a profession. It is judged as a hobby, and people don't take this as a serious job or profession. Despite the hardships faced, Sharada is motivated by many women she has met and is part of her life and journey.

‘’Go for it !! Experience will come irrespective, it's important to take that plunge and to be conscious of the fact that it was you who made the choice.’’

The Cookie Unicorn

The vision of The Cookie Unicorn is to spread happiness through their cookies as magical as the unicorns.

Chinmayee is a woman entrepreneur who works part-time as an engineering college professor. The pandemic hit the teaching community badly. In her case, the college funding was reduced and so did the salary. It was a dark phase in her life and baking helped her get through it. The cookies she baked made her as well as those who ate them, very happy. Hence, this marked the onset of her entrepreneurial journey!

However, due to Chinmayee's anxiety, she was not able to start with her venture. She thought that it could fail. She feels that still, people think this is only a hobby and not a business. As an almost 30-year old woman, she is expected to get married and not focus on her passion. Despite, such hurdles, Chinmayee is indeed a limitless stree and we wish Unicorn Cookies reaches new milestones each passing day!

“Don't let people's opinions stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. Love yourself, be kind, and spread happiness.’’

Hues of My Strokes

In a world where everything is made using machines, handmade is a dying art. Huesofmystrokes works every day to contribute to this dying industry.

Ankita wishes to create slow-made products which is crafted with love and which stays with people. As a kid, Ankita always loved to experiment, create something out of waste, or make fun. She wanted to create a profession to experiment and to innovate things she loves. Ankita feels grateful to the people around her and the community she has that always kept her motivated.

One of the most important struggles for Ankita has been very internal. To be able to convince yourself that what you are doing is right is very important. The journey of convincing herself and making sense out of the whole idea was the toughest part. One of the most important parts of creating a craft is to make it sustainable. Ankita uses a lot of waste materials to create small little trinkets. Ankita is indeed a limitless stree and we hope she keeps on creating beautiful crafts ahead!

“If you convince yourself with what you love, you can convince the whole world.”

Makeup by Sonia Yadav

The mission of Makeup by Sonia Yadav is to become the reason for happiness on a bride's special day and in India when the bride gets a perfect makeover she laughs from her heart and it reflects on her face.

Sonia says that with a lot of successful missions, she aims to make her mark in the makeup industry where people will know her for her excellent work. The motivation behind her organization is trust and respect. Before starting this organization, Sonia was working as a software engineer but whenever she got time she started watching makeup tutorials and realized that this industry is not only for money but also a platform of creativity and the work is appreciated by clients

Sonia's only struggle before starting this profession was to convince her mom. Makeup is what Sonia wanted and she had already invested her savings in a professional course so there was no stepping back. She gave her 100% in learning makeup techniques hacks and now her mom who was against this makeup line feels very proud when people appreciate her work. Sonia feels there is a lack of knowledge about this industry. A makeup artist is a proper profession but sometimes people consider it as a mere skill. Sonia is indeed a limitless stree and we hope she keeps on with the great work!

''Always follow your dreams and work hard to get achievements in life, but never ever take shortcuts to fulfill your dreams because shortcuts never give long time success.''

Dandelion Dreams

The vision of Dandelion Dreams is to create art that people can relate to and brings smiles to their faces.

Kashish started with Dandelion Dreams & Co. to keep herself sane in the busy 9 to 5 work schedule of working as an Architect. She started posting her art on her Instagram page which started on 14th August 2017 and that is how her journey began as an artist. Kashish decided to quit her job to pursue her hobby full time. The first 2 years are crucial for any venture. This is also the time you have self-doubts and want to quit! But consistency and loads and loads of hard-work is the key!

Kashish says she has been lucky enough to not face any gender-based challenges in her field of work (art) and the Instagram community has been equally supportive. She feels fortunate to have connected with boss ladies who lift each other and help each other grow! Kashish is indeed a limitless stree and we hope dandelion dreams reach new milestones and keeps up with the great work!

''Work hard to develop your skills and be the best at what you do. Don't try to imitate other artists and find out what you love doing the most before you turn it into a business! This way you'll never have to work any day in your life.''

Art felt Hands

Creativity always made Riya curious. She believed that the spark for artistic creations was within her and loved doing a range of artworks.

Dr.Riya completed her dentistry, but back in 2018, she decided to do what she always loved, and that marked the birth of art felt hands. Painting is not only a passion, but it's a complete therapeutic experience for Riya's mental and physical state. In her first year of dentistry college, she started directing her focus and energies towards painting. Many new things started working out for her as she started practicing arts. She got an excellent response from all her viewers and supporters, and that's when Riya began to sell her art pieces.

Everyday inspiration and motivation help Riya grow. However, It is always a struggle to deliver handmade creations and initially, Riya had to start with very little & had no idea but eventually, everything fell into the right place. The last three years have been quite a journey and Riya has had the pleasure of delivering handmade creations to many customers across India. Riya is indeed a limitless stree and we hope she continues with the same passion and creativity!

“You're stronger than you think. So, whatever is holding you back, start now. It's never late and you'll be glad you did. Trust me.’’

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