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You are a Warrior – Life being a Frontline Worker

Limitless Talkies 

Episode 2

Paheli and Saheli are chatting over dinner.

Saheli: You look worried. Is everything alright?

Paheli: Things have been so difficult to manage after the outbreak of the pandemic. I don't have regular work from home job and being a frontline worker is not easy. The year has been so distressing with me not being able to set and interact with my family members because of hospital duties. Juggling between two big responsibilities has been very draining. There was a constant fear of me catching an infection or transmitting it to my family members because I have been on duty throughout and you never know from where can you come in contact with the virus. I feel lost and I don't think I have done enough for my family because of my professional commitments.

Saheli: you know what when women lead, we see positive results and some of the most efficient responses to the covid-19 pandemic will lead by women. You were a fearless frontline worker who was committed to serving the nation and fulfil your duty as a doctor. I am sure it has been a very difficult journey for you but your family is so proud of you, your job and your contribution. You have taken care of everyone the way it should have been done. It because of committed frontline workers like you, that we were able to feel safe and sound. Never doubt yourself. You are a real-life superhero. 

Paheli: I feel so motivated right now. Being on duty professionally or at home is not an easy task. It is because of supportive mates like you that we feel proud of our duty and work that pushes us forward to do better.

Saheli: I'm always there for get me some hot chocolate fudge for tolerating you

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